Monica Jones - Founder

I am a homeschool mom of a curious 7 year old son. I have seen how, when connected to nature, he thrives and feeds his curiosity with flow and enthusiasm.

Last school year we explored Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio. This struck me at a personal level, could it be that indeed we all are connected by the same force?

Is there a homeschool program that can link bonds between humans and Earth while also providing a learning experience? In the absence of it, Aligned with Nature was created.

My vision is to contribute to the creation of a new education system, in which the child is the leader and the learner. Where the learning is not interrupted by a bell or any scheduled activity. Where there is a stronger foundation than bias-driven, politically-charged institutional learning.

Our children are the leaders of the future. Leaders who respect, honor, care for and connect with nature. Leaders who are in-tune with themselves so they can navigate the waters of life, and business, with ease.

I have been a yoga/meditation instructor for over 15 years. Every morning I love to connect with the nature world to understand its wisdom and life itself.

As a homeschool mom, I have read countless of books and felt in love with the Waldorf philosophy. There were two books that shaped me into how I live our homeschool life; How Children Learn by John Holt and Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto.